Arlasoft release new Channel F game

Here’s something you don’t see that often – a new Channel F game! The game is a puzzle game called Tents and Trees.

The aim of the game is to place a tent adjacent to each tree in such a way that the correct number are in each row and column, as shown by the numbers alongside. When you have the correct number in a particular row or column, the number will turn green. Tents cannot be placed if there is no tree to the left, right, above or below.
You can move the blue selection box around the grid using the joystick (arrow keys), and place or remove a tent by pressing fire.
As you complete more levels the size of the grid, and therefore the complexity of the puzzles, increases. The quicker you solve each puzzle, the more points are added to your score, up to a maximum of 50 per grid. Puzzles are created using procedural generation so there is a large number to solve.

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