Crash Garrett
Amstrad CPC

Crash Garrett is an adventure in the mold of the classic 1930s film serials: you take on the role of dashing Crash Garrett, a flying ace who makes a living by flying rich Hollywood types around on private flights across the west coast of the United States. As the game opens, Garrett is taking journalist Cynthia Sleeze to an exclusive interview with a high-powered psychoanalyst to the stars, as part of a red-hot story. He soon becomes entangled in the story himself, and must use his wits, cunning and fists to save the day.

While the game takes typed commands, the action is shown as a sort of animated comic book. There is a background image that sets the scene (it may be a mini-map, that shows Garrett’s current location marked with a red X) and on top of this are comic book panel-like portraits of the characters currently in the scene, that move around the screen and speak in speech bubbles. Some versions of the game use synthesized speech, but only when Garrett addresses the player, for “What do you want to do now?”-type prompts.


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