Cricket Master
Amstrad CPC

Cricket Master is a managerial game where you take control of England and decide whether to play Australia, West indies or New Zealand in a limited overs game of cricket. After your selection you can the select your skill level (1 – 3), how many overs (40 – 60) and the competition name before you go and pick your team of 11 players from a squad of 16. You also see the opposition team which gives the conditions like weather, wicket and field. After the toss has been won or lost you then either get bowling or batting options which appear after every over and you can select the speed of the game (slow or fast).

If batting then you select how to bat from attacking, average or defensive before moving on to the game. If bowling, you select your next bowler and where he should bowl the ball from Outside Off Stump, Middle & Off or Middle & leg. You also have the option to place your fielders. The actual match being played is actually seen on a top view pitch seen on the whole screen with the field positions and the scoreboard besides the pitch. Text tells you the outcome of every ball and occasionally the option whether to run or not is given. After an over or a wicket then you go back to your options.


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