Crime Does Not Pay

Crime Does Not Pay is an Action Adventure game, developed by Eldritch The Cat and published by Titus Software, which was released in Europe in 1991.

By rights, this review should have been written from within the safe confines of a mental institution, for never as your reviewer been closer to eating his own head in a state of maddened frustration than after two hours in the vile company of this pseudo-gangster yam , Crime Does Not Pay.

So how does it work? Well, you are the head of a criminal organization – the game is ‘endorsed by the Mafia’ it says on the box – and it’s your job to kill your enemies (i.e. Just about everyone else in the game), make pots of money and finally become mayor of a major American city. This plot, desperately weedy as it is, takes you through a series of inane arcade sequences and unworkable ‘pick objects up and use them’ scenes. Avoid.


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