Debut: Planet Simulation

A planet sits on the verge of environmental disaster. It’s the player’s job to find the sources and shut them down, but the slightest intervention can have ramifications on a worldwide scale.

Début features a fusion of both traditional arcade side-scroller action and a complex planet simulation. The arcade sections feature multiple levels as the player descends deeper into the planet’s infrastructure, shutting down reactors, halting pollution, and eliminating bad guys.

The simulation part of this game presents a 3D satellite view of the planet, allowing the player to scan various attributes of the ecosystem below. Both elements combine to present the player with two separate and complimentary goals that need to be fulfilled – both careful monitoring and influence of the planet, together with direct hands-on intervention.

As an added bonus, there is a sound generator called “Vibes” included that allows various loopback and reverb effects to be applied to the game’s soundtrack.


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