Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures

Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures is a compilation of different Dizzy games developed and published by Codemasters, where first release was in Europe in 1992.

Codemaster’s oval hero has appeared in more sequels than Jason Voorhees has appeared in Friday The 13th films. Now, however, the Codies have bundled together a series of previously-unreleased Dizzy games to tide his groupies over until his next adventure. The Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures pack contains Dizzy Panic, Bubble Dizzy, Prince Of The Yolkfolk, Spellbound Dizzy and Kwik Snax, and whilst three are the customary object-related arcade/adventures we have come to expect, Kwik Snax and Bubble Dizzy are odd little arcade numbers bundled under the Dizzy name – but even the egg-shaped hero’s monicker can’t disguise that these are updated versions of extremely old coin-ops. For the asking price, this is a worthwhile pack, and the three arcade/adventures – whilst hardly stretching the imagination or reflexes – are fun enough, and even the weak arcade games offer some entertainment. If you want to risk OD-ing on Dizzy, this is probably the best way to go…


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