Ego: Repton 4

EGO: Repton 4 should not be confused with the Repton 4 that was included in Repton Infinity. Gameplay wise it is quite different from previous releases in the Repton series. Although focus is still on puzzle solving the player controls Repton (or Ego as he is called here) from a top down perspective and the goal of each level is to collect puzzle pieces that have to be assembled into a picture of a famous person, building, painting etc. The player can only pick up one piece at a time and has to carry it to a frame in the middle of the level where it has to be placed at the right place. It’s important to collect the pieces in the right order or else an empty place in the middle might be blocked by surrounding pieces. A piece can only be dropped at the right place and it is not possible to move pieces that have already been placed. The player also has to collect gems that are found all around the levels. The picture can not be completed unless all gems have been collected. Different obstacles exist too. Towers and trees might block the path and there are also holes to fall down into and androids to avoid. There are also transporters and conveyors that are needed to reach certain parts of the levels.


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