Amstrad CPC

The rulers of the Land of the Wise base their ruling on the ancient, mysterious yet magical Mindstone Queen Shalmera’s less-favoured son Nemesar has decided to run away with it, killing her in the process. King Jorma impels on his older son Kyle to track Nemesar down, bring back the Mindstone, and return peace to the land.

Mindstone is a side-view RPG. The player controls a four-person team – Kyle, and his trusted associates Merel, Quin and Taina, each with different strength and psyche (spellcasting skill), finding food or meditation to respectively enhance them. There are animals to attack and hazards to clear. When purchasing items you can barter with the shopkeepers, to maximise your money. The game can be controlled either using icons, or via direct control. A map is provided, demonstrating areas such as the Whispering Forest. Elven Forest and Dark Mountains.


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