Operation Hanoi
Amstrad CPC

Lee Ho Fook and his forces has invaded Campuchia and forced the population to work as slaves in his Jade Mines. The mines are being plundered to sell to Middle East arms dealers who are supplying parts to a new super-tank disguised as oil refinery parts. You are the leader of a small force sent in to destroy the tank before Lee Ho Fook uses it to invade the surrounding areas. Operation Hanoi is a one player game where the action is viewed as a 1st person perspective as the game scrolls to the right. Enemy soldiers and vehicles appear from the sides and top of the screen. You control crosshairs on the screen to aim and fire; grenades can also be thrown. You only have so much ammo so shoot parachutes falling from the sky which carry extra ammo as well as 1st aid boxes to keep you alive. As well as your main playing area you can also see your score, ammo, lives, amount of enemy and a hits bar.


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