Operation Nemo
Amstrad CPC

War is declared
And, as always, you have the honor of saving your homeland! You are the hero of modern times, a commander who is not afraid of anything and who accepts OPERATION NEMO, with all the bravery of the combatant and the firmness of the military leader. When, at attention in front of your Admiral, your eyes fixed on the blue line of the Vosges, you listened to his orders, you did not blink! Even when he said to you, a little quavering voice (it’s because he has already seen it, the Admiral!): “It will be hard. Commander!” Even then you weren’t afraid. You answered simply: “Affirmative!” And you are gone, always at attention to better support the enormous task that will now be yours. You are commander of the aircraft carrier “Demonic” and, before any mission, you must “do the shopping”. – “You will put me twenty helicopters, er … let’s say fifty soldiers, as many planes, let’s say … seventy shells. You have good looks? So put me … Oh yes! Ninety It’s not always fun to be a commander, you shouldn’t be wrong on the commissions!


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