Amstrad CPC

On a routine surveillance of the Palitron sector, which is located in the Omicron 2 Eridani solar system and is 11.9 light years far away from the good old Mother Terra, the player discovers that all biological life forms have apparently disappeared from what is supposed to be a thriving colony. Furthermore a source of immense power coming from within Palitron City walls can be located and the readings indicate that the presence of several crystal-like formations from another universe is killing all life forms.

The players task is now to track down and to destroy the crystals. But not to be killed either by the alien forms the player activates the remote controlled Servo Class D27 robot which can be guided through Palitron City and obey orders from the player. Some extra help can be obtained by the Infra Class Type 3 robots which are scattered around the city and can be programmed by the player to accomplish difficult tasks.


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