Philosopher’s Quest

Welcome to the adventure! This pack contains programs on cassette plus instructions for Philosopher’s Quest, an ‘intelligent’ adventure where the player explores a strange land full of weird and unlikely things, some dangerous and some even magical.

In this new and authentic game the concept of the adventure is exploited to the full, and extended to include abstract thought as a means to progress and survival. However, wild speculation will get you nowhere – you have to use your wits!

The objective is to find all the treasures and bring them to where you began, but in the meantime you have to sift clues, weigh up risks, spot magic words and remember which way you came!

The game starts with a description of your immediate surroundings, and a choice of objects which you can take with you (use “TAKE” followed by the name of the object) on your quest. Choose carefully, before setting off with a command such as “WEST” if you want to try going west, or “NE” to go to the northeast.

The computer becomes your eyes and hands. It will tell you what you can see and what is happening around you. You must tell it, in return, what to do (it prompts you with a colon). Use commands of one or two words (in upper case).

The computer only looks at the first four letters of any word you type, so that the command “NORTHEAST” must be typed in as “NE” to distinguish it from “NORTH” (or “N” – there are various abbreviations you will pick up as you go).


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