Quest for Freedom

This tremendous new machine code arcade adventure features 55 totally different complex screens, 32 aliens, 60 backgrounds, 80 walls, 32 objects, cartoon-style graphics, many puzzles, doors, teleports and much, much more!

The game involves you, as one of the last of “the free”, trying to escape the planet via the teleport.

The usual left, right and jump controls apply, except you can fall any distance and steer yourself while doing so. Touching an alien or poisonous platform depletes your energy.

The puzzles range from simple to complex. To open a door, which shows which key you need, simply enter the screen with the door, and press the ‘use’ key (*). The door opens, and the key disappears.

Some puzzles involve standing on or near objects, and dropping objects near obstacles, but more are solved simply by using the object on the correct screen.


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