Rapid Hero

International version of Rapid Hero was discovered called Arcadia.
Rapid Hero is a very classic and relatively efficient shmup . At the command of a hunter who also thinks somewhat of the design of Strike Gunner STG , you will have to repel the enemy bursts avoiding of course to make you touch …

Two heroes are willing to carry out this mission, with a few minor differences in gameplay: the first aircraft is specialized in concentrated direct fire, the second in the deployed shot. Of course, the game offers you its selection of power-ups and special weapons, such as auxiliary and self-guided lasers.

The course of the game is rather neat with a certain sense of staging. The big enemies arrive from afar and see their shadow emerge under a heap of clouds before presenting themselves to you is still very pleasant, as are the enemies coming out of destroyed buildings. Stage 3 is an infiltration into an enemy armada: you will see the long enemy ship scrolling from the beginning of the level, before finding it later in the level, armed and ready to fight … In short, it is very classic As a plot, but some care has been taken in the script, which does not spoil anything. With this in mind, the boss is a small robot that returns to the end of each level with new attacks, which will put your speed to dodge and your sense of positioning to the test.

Let’s play the game from a more down-to-earth point of view. The graphics without being catastrophic, is not brilliant for all that; This type of visual is not without evoking the consoles 16 bits, which count among their ranks many shmups more pleasant to look. The animation is without great problem, except for a few flashes of sprites, just noted for information because they are finally quite minor. What makes the Rapid Hero’s charm is actually how it forces the player to anticipate.

The enemy’s salvos are fast in devils and admirable in symmetry. Of course, we can predict their move to the screen, but having to deal with 5, 6 or even 7 types of enemy movements sprinkled with a few pellets requires precision in the maneuvers, and it is finally this gameplay that ensures its interest in Rapid Hero . And in case you’ve made a mistake, there’s always the smart bomb to get you out of it …

To conclude, Rapid Hero is an honest and entertaining shmup that will hook the player without being a masterpiece of its kind. Its precise gameplay will delight fans of old school shmups who will find there the sensations of Super Nintendo and Megadrive.


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