Round Ones

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…oops, wrong story!
You control a Block Assault Transport (B.A.T.) at the bottom of the screen. With this, you must deflect a Block Assault Laser Launch (B.A.L.L.) towards a series of blocks at the top. This ain’t as easy as it sounds!
A collision between a block and a B.A.L.L. will usually destroy a block but some blocks have stronger shielding and will take more hits to destroy.
Also roaming around some sectors will be conflictors (these are not very nice to know) and laser whose fire will destroy you.
To make life a little easier, you are equipped with a Force Shield which will protect you from these. It also has a useful side effect of deflecting the B.A.L.L. back up the screen and also catches Driblets. (You mean I didn’t tell you about these!?!)
`Driblets are released by mystery blocks when hit. Catching one will cause an effect which may be good (such as giving you an Annihilator) or bad (trial and error time again, folks!)


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