Sadim Castle

Long ago Lord Sadim and his beautiful wife Leonora lived happily together in a castle on a vast estate, until the Lord was summoned by the King to fight in a war. While he was away, the lovely Leonora was unfaithful to him.

On his return he learned the truth about his wife. He flew into a terrible rage and sealed her up in a room in the castle. She cursed her husband and all who set foot in the castle. Her blood-curdling screams could be heard for days… and then there was a deathly silence.

Shortly afterwards, Lord Sadim was decapitated when the portcullis ‘accidentally’ dropped on him. A woman in white was seen laughing over his body.

Since then, many people have died or disappeared and the castle has a reputation for being a haunted and dangerous place to visit.

Your task is to locate Leonora’s remains in the now deserted castle, give her a decent burial and let the spirits rest in peace.


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