The Saracoids are blob-like alien life-forms that float through Outer Space, taking energy from any planet that they come across. For self defence, they group together in long strings that snake down through the atmosphere in various strange formations. The warning is out that the Saracoids may soon be passing by Earth. They will undoubtedly want to stop and replenish their energy supplies. You have been given the job of manning the missile launcher with orders to prevent the Saracoids landing – for if they once touch ground, they mutate, taking on a different form, and immediately home in on the nearest living thing – which, in this case, is you!
Good pilots may be able to survive by utilising the full manouvreability of the launcher. As well as moving from side to side on the ground it can hover up to a certain altitude in the air. Radar has spotted 24 different waves coming in. You’d better get familiar with the controls quick!


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