Table Adventures

Table Adventures is a series of four games based around the multiplication tables. The four games are Rainbow’s End, Shooting the Rapids, Underground Escape and Number Families. Each one is harder than the last. At the end is a self test, so you can check how you are getting on.

In Rainbow’s End, a puck dances along a wall, lighting up the numbers in the table. Getting enough right answers wins you a crock of gold. In Shooting the Rapids, you steer a canoe down a river. If you hit a rock, you have to find the factors of the number on it, to get past it. In Underground Escape, you are climbing up a mine shaft, when it is blocked by rocks. You have to find common factors to get through. These ideas all come together in Number Families. It’s easy to play this game, but to get the best scores needs a lot of thought.


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