Tank Attack

Tank Attack is a computer/board game for two, three or four players where each player takes the role of the General commanding a country’s Tank Corps of one or more armoured divisions. Your objective is to capture the enemy headquarters which will require the planned strategic deployment of your forces and regular fire duels between your own and enemy units.

Weather, morale, skill, judgement, planning, foresight, careful management of rebuild and repair facilities and luck, all play a part in deciding the result of each game.

The computer issues all movement orders, the result of fire duels, the status of each unit and a daily newspaper, ‘War News’, which gives a full report on each day’s fighting and the weather prospects for the next day.

One of the unique features of Tank Attack is the alliances which are formed before war is declared. There are four countries which actually form two alliances – Armania with Kazaldis and Sarapan with Calderon. Allies share rebuilding facilities and have a mutual interest in keeping their joint territory clear of invasion due to their close physical proximity.

Allies never oppose each other but battle together against the other two countries. Players will need to interact off the board in order to maintain their alliances since certain resources are shared by allies and their joint objective is to capture all enemy Headquarters.


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