The Greedy Dwarf


The rumour spreads through the town like ripples on a pond. Seldom is that word even uttered by mere citizens yet now King Ardanga is offering golden treasure and the title of Adventurer to anyone who dares venture into the catacombs to recover his stolen gems. Arfa, the outcast and greedy dwarf, has made off with three precious jewels from the King’s hoard. The sentence of death is upon him but who will volunteer to carry it out?

As you delve deeper and deeper into the twisted tunnels under the King’s castle in your search for the missing gems life will become almost as precious as the gold you hope to earn. Time, as always, is of the essence as your lamp slowly fades. Strange monsters guard the way forward and still the jewels elude you.

Perhaps if you took just one back the King might release you from this task…on the other hand, he might chop your head off!” Only if you survive this mammoth quest intact and bring him the gems will you earn the title of Adventurer, and the promised gold.

Equipped with an unusually powerful command structure, this outstanding text adventure will require all your skills as a solver of riddles and logic puzzles.

Only the bravest of the brave wear the King’s gold: join them if you dare!


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