The Short Grey
Atari ST

The Short Gray is an adventure video game developed and edited by Accrosoft , released in 1992 on Amiga and Atari ST . The player plays an extraterrestrial infiltrated on Earth in order to prepare an invasion.

Jean-Christophe Jacquet wrote the screenplay and the program , Pascal Arn realized the graphics and Grégoire Dini composed the music . The Alcatraz demomakers have produced the introductory kinematics of the Amiga version.

It should be noted that all original versions of the game are infected with the Saddam virus, as well as the Ebola virus. When preserving the game on amiga for SPS in IPF format, all versions submitted were damaged by the saddam virus, and an alternative version the Ebola virus. The Saddam virus destroys the information on the floppy disk, making it difficult to find a safe version. The virus infection occurred on the development machines because the floppy disks were duplicated industrially WITH the viruses in question (the IPF file creation tool detects directly when an amiga floppy disk is modified).


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