Thunderstruck 2

Our hero, SPRECO, the SPace REfuse COllector, has finally made it back to Home Base 5 after escaping from the strange medieval castle in which he was marooned in Thunderstruck 1. But things have changed – Home Base 5 is totally devoid of all human life! While searching the Droidcorp factory complex, a friendly Droid informs him that the humans have been enslaved and the complex taken over by an intergalactic villain who calls himself the MindMaster. However, Deacti-Unit [that the MindMaster thought he had destroyed] is actually scattered around the complex. If SPRECO can find the four pieces, take them to the correct location and assemble and activate the unit, there might a chance of destroying the MindMaster and setting the people free! Thunderstruck 2 is the ultimate arcade adventure with high-tech theme, comprising over 130 locations full of large-scale graphic detail and brilliant animated backgrounds. There are loads of objects to find, Droids to interact with, Computer Consoles to use, lift tubes, different gravity areas, obstacles and puzzles that will have you tearing your hair out!”


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