Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a game based on a popular UK television series of the 1980’s. In the program, contestants were given cryptic clues which led from one location to another. They had to decipher these clues and direct a real-life TV presenter and her camera crew to those locations in a helicopter.

The game follows the same pattern. It comes with a 60+ page book containing extracts from Ernest Benn’s ‘Blue Book’ guides to England, Scotland and Wales, however the instructions do say that a large scale map would be useful too. The game consists of four hunts
Greater London
South Devon
The Fife Peninsular
The best way to describe the game is to follow one of the clues. The third hunt is based on and around Anglesey, an island off the North West coast of Wales.
The first clue is ‘Pass lop-sided nobleman to the place of churning water to replace missing member’.
The player is given 10 seconds to read the clue and then the game begins. Reading the book the player will find that to the west of the start location is the Anglesey Column which is dedicated to the Marquis of Anglesey who lost a leg at Waterloo, hence lop-sided. A little further away is Llanfair P. G., noted for having one of the longest place names in the world and which, when translated, refers to a rapid whirlpool, hence churning water. Both of these are pointers to the first destination. The helicopter on the ground by the Menai Bridge. The player instructs the pilot to ‘TAKE OFF’ and then types the name of the town / geographic feature that they think the clue refers to. After a while the helicopter lands and the player is either given the next clue, or is told ‘No Clue Here’.


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