Triple Decker 10


After travelling for many months you’ve finally reached Gamma-4, a small asteroid rich in crystals. Now you must guide your mining droid through the soft earth to the crystals, watch out for the large rocks though. If you dig underneath these they will fall and crush you!
When you hve collected all the crystals you move onto the next asteroid.

Money Maze

Run around the maze picking up as many coings as you can, but watch out for the three ghosts who will try to eat you! If you manage to collect all the coins then the maze is filled again and the ghosts move faster.

Bunny Blitz

Welcome to Bunny Blitz. Try to collect as many eggs as you can to score points. However if you go over the rabbits then some points will be deducted from your score. Two is the hardest level, forty is the easiest.


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