Triple Decker 3

Lunar Invasion

It has been six months since ‘they’ invaded. No one knows where they came from, or even what ‘they’ look like but one thing is for certain. ‘They’ are not friendly.

They have conquered Earth’s Lunar outposts, and only a few personnel survived. They are now scattered behind enemy lines, and you, Commander Jon Arbuckle, have volunteered for the mission.

Your only transport is an old O.D.I.E. (Overland Destroyer Integral Environment) brought out of storage and fitted with Anti Aircraft Missiles and Ion Force shields. The shields will only hold out for so long…

Jam Buttie

Run around the building site, pinching the workmen’s lunch pack while ‘they’ are in a meeting. Avoid the machinery, seagulls and spiders which get in your way, but you’d better get a move on. It sounds as though the meeting’s nearly finished.

Lunar Lander

You are one of NASA’s (Nutley Aero and Space Association…?) chief test pilots, testing a new Emergency Lunar Escape Capsule. You have to land the capsule on any level area using as few litres of fuel as possible. Do not land at too great a speed as this will destroy the lander.


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