Zorakk the Conqueror

This is a graphical adventure in which you play the part of Zorakk and take control of his loyal warriors. Your quest is to obtain the three parts to the crown of Ultimate Darkness. Each part of the crown is located in each of the three lands of Ramagold; Lannia – a greenland, Durnin – a desertland and Zarthynia – an iceland. In each land are four buildings; a Bazaar, a Sanctuary, a Tomb and a Ruin. Bazaar Essentially a shop where you can use gold to purchase more warriors or food. Sanctuary If during the course of a game, your Warrior, Gold or Food levels fall below an acceptable level, you may enter the sanctuary. Tomb and Ruin These are battle arenas. Their role in the adventure is the same except only one contains the part of the crown. Do not enter either of these unless you consider you have sufficient warriors to do battle. Rewards are only obtained after defeating a number of Brigands in a battle. Any one of the following can be given as a reward: Warriors, Gold, Food, a Map, a Dragon Sword, a Magic Potion, a Piece of the Crown. The game was unknowingly re-released in 1986 as Bozo The Brave by Tynesoft.


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