New turn-based strategy game for DOS, Barren Planet

Barren Planet is a turn-based strategy game by Cyningstan, which is designed to run on the original IBM PC from 1981. It supports the original 4.77 MHz 8088 processor, and requires only four-colour CGA graphics. It is compact enough to run from a 360k floppy disk.

Players take on the role of a strategist, controlling a number of units that move around on a battle map, attacking their enemies in an attempt to control strategic locations or to wipe their opponents out altogether. A series of battles is linked together to form the full campaign, with the outcome of one battle determining what battle is fought next.

The game can be played by one player or two. A single player can choose which corporation to work for, with the computer taking control of the opposing side. Two players can play in hotseat mode, taking turns at the same computer, or in PBM (play-by-mail) mode, sending game turns to one another using disks or electronic mail.

Find out more at Cyningstan’s website here.

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