Through the Trap Door and West Bank get TI-99/4A ports thanks to Rasmus Moustgaard

Rasmus Moustgaard has ported the ZX Spectrum games, Through the Trap Door, and West Bank to the TI-99/4A.

Through the Trap Door was the follow up to Don Priestly’s Trapdoor games, which was famous for its large graphics. It doesn’t quite work as well as the Spectrum original sadly. Moustgaard said “Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to obtain the same frame rate as on the Spectrum, so shortly into the video I switch the emulator to 2x speed. I’m not sure I actually enjoy the game – it’s very hard and sometimes frustrating – but here we go”

West Bank is a clone of the arcade game Bank Panic that was published on the Spectrum by Dinamic Software. Moustgaard says that this Spectrum conversion had “a much better result than Through the Trap Door”

Both games can be downloaded from Moustgaard’s Github page, where you can find more TI-99/4A ports of Spectrum games such as Knightlore and Pyjamarama.

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