Amiga gets two new unofficial Arcade ports: Tapper and Galaxian

The Amiga has been blessed with some top quality arcade ports in recent months (as an example, take a look at Xevious), and now we’ve got a few more with the classic shooter, Galaxian and bartender simulator, Tapper.

Galaxian 500​

Like Xevious, Galaxian was transcoded, which means that the original code was disassembled and reverse-engineered, then transcoded line-by-line to 68K assembly. As a result, it plays just like the arcade original. As well as Amiga, this is also available for Neo Geo.


  • Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): Z80 to 68k transcode, Amiga code and assets
  • Mark McDougall (aka tcdev): Neo Geo code and assets (conversion)
  • Scott Tunstall: Galaxian Z80 reverse engineering
  • phx: ptplayer sound/music replay Amiga code
  • blastar: NGFX SoundBuilder (Neo Geo sound tool)

(more info)


A port of the 1983 Midway game by Old Bob, who has been working on the conversion for the last few years (more info)

It looks like there’s going to be a port of Flying Shark for the Amiga too, so it looks like the ports are continuing!

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