Awesome Retro Homebrew and Indie games from May 2022

Here’s a brief run down of recent ports, home-brew and indie games from the last few weeks. Check out the video at the end, and if you’ve made a game for a retro machine that you’d like us to cover please let us know :)

Beethoven’s Revenge (ZX Spectrum)​

Check out our news article here

Blockman Gets (Amiga)​

by Jayenkai

Guide Blockman round a maze eating pellets, but make sure he eats a pellet each time you move otherwise Blockman will die!

Download here

Bulb (Game Boy Color)​

by Skrap Klan

“It can be tough going through life as an unplugged light bulb – When you’re made of glass you got to watch carefully where you step.. You got to learn how to make a jump, and how to take a fall…”

Available as a GBC cartridge with a built in LED light that turns on when the in-game light is on. And you can choose between 4 different types of box styles! The cart is a custom build PCB with a transparent yellow shell.

Buy Cart here, Buy Digital download here

Cheesy Trials (VIC 20)​

More info at our news article here

Empire Strikes Back – C64 fan version​

by Megastyle

Conversion of the Empire Strikes Back game from the Atari 2600 and the Intellivison. Fly your snowspeeder around on the planet of Hoth and fight huge AT-ATs.

Download here

Fire Ant (Game Boy Color)​

by Lacoste

Lacoste seems to be converting every Commodore 16 and Plus/4 game to the Game Boy Color – one of his latest is a port of Fire Ant, but also check out Kickstart, Treasure Island and More

Download here

Farmiga (WIP) (Amiga)​

by tukinem

Farmiga appears to be a work in progress farm simulation game, written in AMOS.

Download WIP here

Miner 2019er (Commodore 64)​

by Daniel Avery

Psytronik Software is proud to present a fantastic new PREQUEL to the legendary classic release Miner 2049er – a brand-new C64 release by Daniel Avery!

Produced with permission and support from the original game author Bill Hogue, the game reproduces the look and feel of the original game. Miner 2019er features 25 levels along with ports of three Colecovision exclusive levels – now available on the C64 for the first time ever!

Buy Digital Version here, Buy Physical Version here

Munchkin 64 (Commodore 64)​

by Pretzel Logic

Conversion of the Philips Videopac game, K.C. Munchkin.

Download here

Pacman (Commodore 64)​

by Arlasoft

The author was inspired to attempt to create a really accurate port of Pacman after reading The Pacman Dossier by Jamey Pittman. “There have been some good ports and clones on the C64, and of course there is the definitive Ms Pacman conversion in the shape of Lady Pac, but the level of detail in the dossier gave me everything I needed to get as close as possible to the original arcade game.”

Download here

Return to Ganymede (Amstrad CPC)​

by Abalore

Return to Ganymede is an Amstrad platform game written in Locomotive BASIC. Robots have taken over the base and you need to get to the computer and de-activate it.

Download here

Spider Web (Atari 2600)​

By Cooper Dalrymple

You control Lydia the Spider, and you need to protect your web from bugs and the human who keeps trying to swat you. Fire at bugs to stun them, and then eat them to progress through the levels. If you have two joysticks, you can play it as a twin stick shooter.

Download here

TrekWar! (PET)​

by Jim Orlando

TrekWar – A Star Trek action game for the Commodore PET. Shoot those pesky Klingon ships, and gather dilithium crystals to drop them at their storage facilities .. all while making sure you don’t run out of energy or have your shields breached.

Download here

Turrican 2 AGA (Amiga AGA)​

by SonicSloth Games

An AGA version of the classic Turrican 2 based on the MS-Dos graphics (though you have the option to play as the Amiga sprite) This Work In Progress features the first three worlds (7 levels). Runs on AGA Amigas with Fast RAM. There are special builds for the A500 Mini too.

Download here

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