New match-three game for the Speccy: Clone Zoo ZX

PuttyCAD have ported the 2012 match-three Android game, Clone Zoo to the ZX Spectrum.


“In order to make sure our beloved animals never go extinct Professor Plumbob came up with a rapid cloning system. Unfortunately the Zooplicator 9000 he invented has been having a few teething problems and he forgot to install an off switch! That’s where you come in! As more animals arrive you must quickly sort them together to stop them eating each other to give the Professor time to fix everything! Watch more and more animals join the frenzy as you progress through the levels. If you amange to unlock all the animals required you can keep going for a high score before the Professor shuts it down.”

Both the Android original and the new Speccy version was created by Ric Lumb & Rich Hanson. More details can be found on the page here.

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