Atari 2600 version of Shadow of the Beast finished

Soul of the Beast is an Atari 2600 game inspired by the classic Amiga game, Shadow of the Beast.

The game was previously under working title of Legacy of the Beast and was coded by Michael Christophersson (@aeriflame on Twitter.) and runs on NTSC Atari systems, as well as Stella, Gopher2600, OpenEMU or other Atari 2600/VCS compatible emulators. A PAL version is apparently in the works.

Stolen as an infant child, moulded and twisted into a creature of violent servitude; You have at last awakened. Now defeat the vile horde, kill the sorcerer Rynkar, and regain your humanity.
:: 15 unique enemy types and variants
:: 4 massive areas to explore
:: Non-linear game design

The game is available now to download from

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