Southern Belle

Southern Belle is a simulation game allowing you to drive a steam train from London Victoria Station to Brighton, shortly before this British line was electrified in early 1930s. The locomotive hauling the “Southern Belle” is one of the SR King Arthur (LSWR N15) class (4-6-0).

The game has a demonstration mode and seven scenarios of increased difficulty with the highest level allowing you full control of the train, with all the gauges to watch, more problems that arise and a random timetable to follow. You start at a standstill in the station and must get your train moving. Different levels of speed must be maintained on the track to keep with the speed limits that are placed on the track and keep an eye on the signals that you will see on the way. The correct use of the whistle must be used and you have to make sure your water, steam and coal levels are correct to make sure you keep to the timetable.

The game is viewed from a first person perspective with you in the cab of the train with all the levers and gauges in front of you. You are able to see into the distance in front of you and the sides, the objects are displayed as 3D wireframe models. As well as the main playing area you can also see your speed, water and coal level, any signals and the time.


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