The Life of Repton

The Life of Repton is the second of three standalone expansion packs for Repton 3. It includes 40 new levels made in the map editor that was included with the original game. This time the levels represent different phases in Repton’s life. There are five sets of levels each with eight levels. These are:

OAP (old age pensioner)

The gameplay is the same as in Repton 3 but all objects have been replaced with objects related to the setting. Instead of diamonds, there are for example teddy bears in the baby levels and candy in the school levels. Boulders have been replaced by footballs in the school levels and file cabinets in the work levels and so on. In the same way each level has different enemies, for example dogs in the baby levels. The appearance of Repton also differs from level to level. As a baby he crawls around on all four while in OAP he has a big white beard.


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