New VIC-20 game: Overthrown – play as a mad president and escape to your private island!

Overthrown is a new game for the Commdore VIC-20 where you play as the soon to be ex-President of a corrupt state. Leave your palace, grabbing as much money as you can, escape by armoured car, and then get on your private plane to reach your private island.

The game starts at the presidential palace where you have to collect cash for the journey and retirement. Meanwhile, armed vigilantes try to kill you while the roads to the airport are being blocked. It is good that you brought a hand gun in case things get tense, or maybe it already is. This section ends when you enter the armored car and drive away or when the palace is set on fire.

The next section is a race to the airport. Crash through barricades, avoid land-mines and air strikes until your armored car breaks down or runs out of fuel. If you have the cash ($1000) you can get a replacement on the spot otherwise you’ll need to walk. At the airport your fighter jet is ready for take off.

In the air you’ll cross the sea in search for the tropical island with your retirement villa. However the air force and navy are trying to stop you. Avoid helicopters, fighter jets and surface to air missiles. Don’t forget to refuel in time at the towers! Aircraft fuel isn’t cheap as well ($100 a unit). With luck and skill you will reach your retirement villa with plenty of cash to enjoy! Or not…

The game, written by Erik Hooijmeijer, runs on a VIC-20 with 8K expanded memory. It is available as a cartridge and you can also download the game and find out more here.

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