TFW8B launch range of Carts and provide service to sell Amateur programmer’s 8-bit games

The Future Was 8-Bit have launched a range of cartridges for the Commodore VIC-20 and C64. The company are also providing a new service to amateur programmers where they will publish their games in cartridge form.

Commodore 64 games​

Ms Rodmän​

Ms Rodmän is the follow up to last year’s Rodmän – a maze game sold on a multi-platform (VIC-20, C64, C16, Atari 8-Bit, MSX, Oric, Spectrum and Amstrad) cassette. The aim of the game is to guide Rodwina around the maze, collecting the dots. Not forgetting to collect bombs and use them to blow up Rodwina’s enemies: Linda La Hughes, Growbags Grotbags, Bob (Kate), Tubbs Tattsyrup & Uncle Quentin.

Developed by Misfit • Price £19.99

Super Goatron​

Super Goatron is a RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo Entry.

The aim of the game is to shoot enemies, shoot bonus items, shoot walls. Shoot em aaalll…

Developed by Misfit • Price £14.99

VIC-20 Games​

Cheese and Onion​

Classic platformer, pushing the VIC20 to it’s scrolling limits.

Developed by Misfit • Price £19.99

VIC Nibbler​

VIC-20 version of the classic Rock-ola arcade game (previously reported on here).

Andy H, creator of VIC Nibbler says “This is so exciting. Like many of my peers, I’ve always had a desire to release an actual game back in the day – just funny it has happened nearly 40 years later but better late than never :)

Developed by HewCo • Price £14.99

Future Fighter​

Classic scrolling shoot-em-up for the VIC-20

Developed by Misfit • Price £14.99

Spaceship Minus One​

You’re flying a spaceship with only one control – thrust! Don’t crash into anything!

Developed by Misfit • Price £9.99


For those of you who want your own coded games in cartridge form, the full details are on the TFW8B website here. You can either have TFW8B publish the game, or order cartridges in bulk to sell yourself.

TFW8B adds “Believe it or not, we aren’t doing this to rake in the cash, we simply want more new unique/quirky games out there. And only due our current build/production and scale can we make these cartridges available to all. Not just the average Joe gamer, but the programmers that have never had a physical product release. And you’ll not need to invest in PCB production, EPROM programming, testing, tooling for cases labels sleeves etc etc. We’ll do all that for you.”

All the games in the 9.99* Range are on the available on the TFW8B website to buy here.

*so named because games are priced from 9.99 (and possibly in homage to Mastertronic’s 199 range?)

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