You can now pretend your Smartphone is a Palm Pilot

Cloudpilot is a web-based Palm Pilot emulator written by Christian Speckner. It runs as a PWA (progressive web app) on supported desktop and mobile devices, and there is an embedded build that allows to add virtual PalmOS devices to your website. The emulator has support for Palm’s handwriting recognition function, Graffiti, and works well on a smart phone with touch screen.

Speckner is a fan of PalmOS and says on his website:

Back in, uh, 2001 (?) when I was at university I got my first PalmOS device. A friend of mine was very much into mobile tech and gadgets and was the proud owner of a Palm V. I tried it and was hooked. When the Palm IIIx of a pal of his died (presumably with a broken board) I shot a Palm (sic!) IIIe on ebay with a broken display. When I got home on the weekend we dug out our screwdrivers, put the parts together, waited for lightening to strike, and I ended up with a Frankenstein Palm IIIe. It became my trusted companion and home of all my notes, recipes, calendar, stuff and eBooks.​
Over the following years I went through the IIIe, a Palm V, a m515 and finally (with a brief detour to a Sharp Zaurus) to a Centro. With the Centro’s death in 2011 my Palm days were over, and I moved on to Android (first on a hacked HTC Touch with a home patched kernel) and later iOS.​
However, I always remembered my PalmOS devices fondly and missed them, together with my notes and data that remained on them. I still hold the PalmOS UI in high esteem for its combination of simplicity and productivity, and I still would prefer the PalmOS calender over the iOS one every day.​

You can find out more about CloudPilot here

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