Don Bluth’s Space Ace gets new unofficial port for Apple IIGS

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini (aka Brutal Deluxe Software) are continuing their mission to seemingly recreate all the Don Bluth games for the Apple IIGS, with the launch of their latest game, Space Ace.

In the game you play as Dexter, better known as “Ace”. He is on a mission to stop the villainous Commander Borf, who is seeking to attack Earth with his “Infanto Ray” to render Earthlings helpless by reverting them into infants. Will you rescue Kimberly and prevent Borf from using the Infanto Ray to conquer Earth?

The game was originally released in the arcades in 1984 by Cinematronics. Like Dragon’s Lair, released the previous year, the arcade game runs via Laser Disc, and was ported to several contemporary systems including the Apple IIGS. This new version however has been coded from scratch and unrelated to the contemporary port.

You can find out more from their website.

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