Amiga gets two new point-and-click adventures

The Amiga is being blessed with not one but two new point-and-click adventures.

Geo’s Quest “In Search of Queen Lorraine”​

The game is created in the early Roberta Williams Sierra Quest low res hand drawn 32 color games. It is part of a 9 chapters (this one has 3 chapters) of a parody of the Commodore story. It has over 100 hand drawn rooms and close ups, dozens of animations, samples & mods, puzzles to solve and decisions to make. It should challenge your decision making skills.

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Ring around the World​

Ring around the World is a short, open world, top-down, point’n’click adventure where the protagonist wakes up on the shores of an unknown world with just two memories – one being of himself drowning in a stormy sea.

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