Mastertronic Cassette Colour Codes

As you might guess from the spelling of colour in the title, I’m from the UK. And in the UK in the eighties only the rich kids had microcomputers with disk drives.

The rest of us made-do with cassette tapes.

And if you collected computer cassette tapes then there is no way you wouldn’t have had a title from Mastertronic in your library.

One of the cool things about Mastertronic, apart from the cheapo games, was that they colour-coded all of the platforms so you knew which games would run on your ZX Spectrum (the yellow ones) or which ones would run on the Commodore 16 (the pink ones).

The other day, I needed to know all the colours they did for all the platforms but could only remember a handful, so did some research.

So in the rare situation that someone needs a list of the colours then here’s what they were:

ZX Spectrum

Commodore 64 / 128

Amstrad CPC

BBC Micro / Electron

VIC 20

Commodore 16 / Plus 4

Atari 8-bit


Dragon 32

The MSX one is supposed to be white!

And what happened to Mastertronic? Well they essentially turned into Sega Europe — but that’s another story for another time.

Big thanks to @SimonPlumbe, @CrazyCollector1 and @TheyWereOurGods on Twitter for their help
Simon added that some were dual colour-coded such as an orange / yellow one for a dual Amstrad/Spectrum cassette, and that standalone Electron games were also Purple.

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