Oliver Twins launch new ZX Spectrum Dizzy Game: Wonderful Dizzy

The first completely new Dizzy Adventure from the Oliver Twins in 28 years was released Friday 18th December 2020 for ZX Spectrum!

The twins teamed up with the team who made the 2017 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy remake to create the game.

Wonderful Dizzy is inspired by L Frank Baum’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz released in 1900.

Designed by The Oliver Twins using traditional methods and a little help from Excel, and Google Docs. Programming has been by Evgeniy Barskiy, whilst graphics were provided by Dmitri Ponomarjov, Alexander Filyanov, Oleg Origin, Marco Antonio Del Campo and Jarrod Bentley. Music & FX by Sergey Kosov.

The Logo and Poster illustrations were by Piotr ‘PIT’ Gratkiewicz

“We first contacted this talented team when they rewrote Crystal Kingdom Dizzy from scratch, improving just about everything in the game. We felt confident that if we designed a great new Dizzy game they would excel in the development and make an outstanding new game.” said Philip Oliver
Andrew adds “It’s amazing to see such a large, colourful and engaging game running on a Spectrum – that’s just 128k! That’s the same as 6 seconds of an MP3 song. They’ve used every technique possible to make it absolutely stunning. Technically and artistically it’s incredibly impressive and we’re so pleased with what they’ve achieved”
You can download the game for the 128K Spectrum here, or play in browser.

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