Plants vs Zombies… I mean, Veggies vs The Undead comes to the Commodore 64

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defence game that was originally launched by Popcap in 2009. The game made its way to a variety of platforms such as Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, iOS and Android, and Popcap was eventually acquired by EA.

Once platform it didn’t launch on was the Commodore 64. Well, that’s changed now as drmortalwombat has made a demake of the game to the C64 as Veggies vs The Undead.

“The zombies are on the loose, actually they are already in front of your property. The only thing between your brain and their insatiable appetite is your front lawn. Luckily you just acquired an assortment of powerfull flower seeds. Plant them fast and smart to protect your home.”

The game includes day time and night time levels, as well as an endless mode. And for fans of the original music, you’ll now be able to hear it in SID chip glory!

Available to download here.

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