Playable demo available of Vecribbon – a Vectrex rhythm game inspired by Vibribbon

Shattered Screens have launched a playable demo of their upcoming rhythm game for the Vectrex, named VecRibbon.

The game is inspired by the PlayStation rhythm game, Vibribbon, where you guide Vibri – a rabbit (and sometimes frog or TV-headed-worm thing) across a landcape created from the rhythm of the background music.

In VecRibbon, you control Liv the Ladybird!

This playable demo features two levels; “Snowfall”, while no walk in the park, will help you find your feet and takes you on a journey through all the Vecribbon obstacles.

Once your skills are ready, you can tackle the brutal “Astronoma”!

You can find out more and download the demo at the Shattered Screens website.

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