Net Yaroze Month: INVS

In Net Yaroze Month, we are playing every Net Yaroze game featured on the UK Official Playstation Magazine, and ranking them all in the order we liked them. You may have other opinions as to the ranking, which is awesome.

To learn more about Net Yaroze, read our introductory article here.

You’d think by the name that INVS is Philippe-Andre Lorin’s take on the classic Taito arcade game, Space Invaders. It’s not. It’s actually more like Galaxian or Galaga, but it’s different enough to not be a clone.

The game features different types of enemies, each have their own quirks and ways of attack. One little blue chap likes to come down and zap energy from the ground before getting fat and flying off, and sometimes coming back later to seek revenge on you for shooting their pals.

The different types of enemies are what makes this game different to a standard Space Invaders / Galaxian clone, and while you can play and enjoy the game without knowing all of their tactics, the author has a handy guide to them all here.


The game got a port to the Nuon as part of the Yaroze Classic compliation.

Game: INVS
By: Philippe-Andre Lorin
Genre: Shoot-em-up
Available on Euro Demos: 88, 108

Net Yaroze Month rankings:​

INVS is great fun if you like a bit of old-skool arcade action.

  1. Blitter Boy
  2. Terra Incognita
  3. Super Bub Contest
  4. Robot Ron
  5. Decaying Orbit
  6. Psychon
  7. INVS
  8. Haunted Maze
  9. Roller
  10. Gravitation
  11. Adventure Game
  12. Katapila
  13. Tanx
  14. Between the Eyes
  15. Bouncer 2
  16. Yaroze Rally
  17. Blockz

Still to play:

  • Video Arcade Poker
  • Opera of Destruction
  • Sphere
  • Surf Game
  • Rocks n Gems
  • Yarozians
  • PingPing
  • Game Involving Triangles
  • Pssst
  • Squeak
  • Shroud
  • Total Soccer Yaroze
  • Time Slip
  • Sam the Boulderman
  • Technical Demo
  • Pushy IIb
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Down
  • Snowball Fight
  • Arena
  • A Dog Tale
  • Mah Jongg
  • Samsaric Asymptotes
  • Hover Car Racing
  • Clone

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