Pre-orders for Analogue’s FPGA TurboGrafx clone, Duo go live at today 8am (PDT)

Analogue Inc., known for its FPGA-based recreations of classic gaming consoles, has announced pre-orders for its latest product – the Analogue Duo. A machine that can play all the formats and variants of NEC’s PC Engine.

Analogue say of the Duo, “Duo is an all-in-one reimagining of perhaps the most underappreciated video game systems of all time. Analogue Duo is compatible with nearly every NEC system and game format ever made. TurboGrafx-16. PC Engine. SuperGrafx. TurboGrafx CD. PC Engine CD-ROM². Super Arcade CD-ROM². 1080p. Zero lag. Bluetooth. 2.4g. Because the last thing a video game system should be is predictable.”

Duo features an original-style cartridge slot, controller port and CD-ROM drive. This means it is compatible with all game formats: Hucards, TurboChips, and CD-ROM. Plus the original hardware and accessories.

The company’s prior creations include the Analogue Nt, the Nt Mini (both recreations of the NES), the Super Nt (a reimagining of the SNES), the Mega Sg (a nod to the Sega Genesis), and the versatile Analogue Pocket that can play a wide array of classic handheld games. Each system brought with it an improved video quality, with up to 1080p output over HDMI, and a sleek, modern design that aligns seamlessly with contemporary home entertainment systems.

You can find more about the system here, and pre-order here.

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