A/V Output, OCT 2019: Round-up of the best in Retro gaming Youtube and podcasts

In A/V Output we take a gander at the latest podcasts and YouTube videos of interest to the retro gamer! If we’re missing your favourite podcaster or YouTuber, let us know and we’ll take a look.

The First video game​

How do you define the first videogame? Ahoy! works it out..

What was The First Video Game? This is the question asked by YouTuber, Ahoy! Is it Pong? Is it Computer Space? Find out, in this excellent documentary. [Video, 60 minutes]

Joust on the Atari 2600​

Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast takes an in-depth look at the VCS conversion of William’s arcade classic, Joust. [Audio, 96 minutes]

The TRS-80 CoCo gets a new podcast​

The guys behind the Amiga Amigos, and Our Sinclair podcasts, have launched a new podcast for TRS-80 Color Computer gamers: The Coco Show – you can subscribe and listen here.

Top 100 Amiga Games​

Kim Justice follows up her Top 100 lists, with a countdown of her favourite Amiga games

Pinball ChinWizard​

Chinnyvision takes a look at the astonishing unofficial conversion of Pinball Dreams (by Batman Group) for the Amstrad CPC, compares it to the Amiga version, and plays it on original hardware. (Though Nightmare is the best table!) [Video, 16 minutes]

Fantasy World Minecraft​

Platform32 has built Fantasy World Dizzy in Minecraft. [Video, 16 Minutes]

Talk by Acornsoft author Jonathon Griffiths​

Jonathan Griffiths talks about his time at Acornsoft, where he wrote some of the first arcade games (Including Pac-Man-a-like, Snapper) for the BBC Micro as well as contributing to the BBC Domesday Project. Filmed at Acorn World at The Centre for Computing History 2019.


  • Tommy Tallarico talks to Retro Asylum about the upcoming Intellivision Amico [Audio, 109 minutes]
  • Electronic Arts founder, Trip Hawkins talks to Arcade Attack [Audio, 71 minutes]
  • Ex-Atari and Sega man, Michael Katz, speaks to The Retro Hour about the launch of the Mega Drive.

That’s it for this month. More A/V Output next month!

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