A/V Output: 2 July 2018 – Podcast and YouTube Roundup

In A/V Output we take a gander at the latest podcasts and YouTube videos of interest to the retro gamer! If we’re missing your favourite podcaster or YouTuber, let us know and we’ll take a look.

Podcast Picks​

Our Sinclair talk Robocop on the Speccy

Amiga Amigos look at the Amiga game Bubba & Stix, and on their ZX Spectrum podcast Our Sinclair, review Robocop

Ten Pence Arcades game of the week is Mr Do, plus discussions about making a raspberry pi console with all the correct controllers for each platform; coding on the Switch with Fuze and regular features such as The Arcade Quiz and Pick ups.

Atari Bytes are playing Pitfall! on the Intellivision as part of their Intellivision Month.

Broken Token chat with Nicholas Baldridge of the “For Amusement Only: The E.M. & Bingo Pinball Podcast” and talk pinball, and his upcoming publication “Coin-Op Carnival”

Retro Game Club cover a whole bunch of stuff including the Raspberry Pi 4, the Dizzy Scripting Engine for the Spectrum, Dr Mario on iOS & Android, F-ZERO and Lock n’ Chase. Listen here

Retro Asylum launch the Classic Gaming Archive and talk about how you can get involved. Plus broadcast from location at Revival 2019

YouTube Picks​

Octav1ius Kitten joins Nostalgia Nerd on an Amiga road trip

Nostalgia Nerd and Octav1us go on a road trip to find a mystery Amiga Console — is it s CDTV? Is it a CD32, or is it “a very crappy A500 with some sort of disc drive?”

TheGebs24 takes a tour round the MASSIVE Doncaster Retro Gaming Market, where “Thousands of rare retro games and obscure gaming consoles were on offer”

Old style gaming puts all the games on the upcoming Sega Mega Drive Mini in order of greatness.

Pat The NES Punk talks about the take-down of online multi-player Mario games: Mario Royale and its replacement DCMA Royale.

Kim Justice looks at the history of Sid Meier’s Civilization.

That’s it for this week. More A/V Output next Tuesday

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