Amstrad PCW coming to ZEsarUX emulator

Z80 emulator, ZEsarUX looks to be adding the Amstrad PCW to its range of emulators, based on a tweet posted a few days ago. @zesarux posted “New machine coming to ZEsarUX.. Who recognises it?” with the hashtag, #pcw8256

The Amstrad PCW was a personal computer produced by British electronics company Amstrad in the mid-1980s to the 1990s. It was a popular computer for word processing and home office use, and was known for its compact design, built-in word processor, and low cost. The PCW used the CP/M operating system and ran on an 8-bit Z80 processor.

It had limited graphic and gaming capabilities, but was well suited for basic office tasks and educational software. Despite this, some games did make it to the system including Head over Heels and Last Ninja 2

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