? Rewind Tape: Gaming news from September 1989

Let’s hop in the time machine and look into the RAM OK ROM OK archives* and see what was happening in gaming and tech news from 30 years ago…

RAM OK ROM OK, Issue 117, September 1989

New portable Atari ST​

The Atari STacy

Atari are to launch a portable ST-compatible machine named the Stacy. Four different models are expected, starting with the entry-level model with 8Mhz 68000 processor, 1MB main memory, 256k ROM and monochrome LCD screen. Prices are expected to start around £1000.

Konix console on way​

The Konix Multisystem

The Konix Multisystem is an amazing new up-and-coming console which allows a variety of control interfaces including a steering wheel that converts into a cycle handlebar, helicopter mode or aeroplane mode. Of course, a traditional joystick will be available too. The console was supposed to be launching in May earlier this year, but the company are hoping for a October release.

Games expected to appear on the console include: Konix Chess, Run the Gauntlet, Super Ski Simulator and Mr Do’s Wild Ride.

Ceefax to shut-down software service​

BBC’s Telesoftware service on Ceefax, which was designed to transmit software to home microcomputers via teletext, is closing. The service was mainly aimed at Acorn computer owners with a Teletext Adapter. In a statement, the company said “It is regrettable that those who have recently purchased teletext adapters now find that the main reason for that purchase has gone, and it is appreciated that it is no consolation to those who acted on some of the more recent computer press and advertising statements about the future of Telesoftware that such statements were being made without the authority of the BBC.”

New Games​

NES owners get to travel Back to The Future in this new game by Beam Software. The game, which is based on the 1984 film of the same name, sees you control Marty McFly, who for some reason is collecting clocks in 1955. It’s pretty rubbish.

Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous (Core Design) is a new platformer for the Amiga. You play the titular character who fancies himself as an Indiana Jones type. Also coming soon for ST, Spectrum 128k, Amstrad, C64 and IBM PC.

Strider makes its way from the arcade to home computers. Available for ST, Amiga, Spectrum, Amstrad, IBM PC and C64.

Electronic Arts have released an expansion pack for Bullfrog’s God-game. Populous – The Promised Lands for the Amiga features five new worlds to play on: Silly Land, Wild West, Block Land, Revolution Française, and Bit Plains

*completely fabricated archives…

?Slipstream – the Konix Multi-system archive; Konix Multisystem, Zogging Hell!!!)

Ceefax ended altogether in 2012. There is an archive of Ceefax telesoftware here, and you can read more about the ending of the service at the Teletext Museum website. For those interested in Teletext Art, you might also enjoy teletextart.co.uk

Screenwriter of the films, Bob Gale, called the NES Back to the Future game “one of the worst games ever”

More from the ROM OK RAM OK Archives in a few weeks…​

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