GB Corp is a game that rewards you for playing on various models of Game Boy

GB Corp. is a micro-management idle game for the Nintendo Game Boy by Dr. Ludos with a unique feature: it is the first game where the Game Boy you use to play has an impact on the game. The game was previously available as a prototype on, is currently having a Kickstarter to raise funds for a physical copy of the game.

You are the manager of the GB Corp. company, and your goal is to make the most money from your Game Boy collection. Hire (or fire !) new Game Boys, train them but be aware that only the virtual Game Boys of the same type as the physical Game Boy you are using are working, until their batteries are down.

So, to put your Game Boy Color employees to work, you need to play the game on an actual Game Boy Color. If you want to make your Game Boy Advance employees active instead, you’ll have to unplug the cartridge and put it into a Game Boy Advance from your collection.

The game detects 6 types of consoles :

  • Original Game Boy “Fat” DMG
  • Game Boy Pocket
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Super Game Boy on a SNES system
  • Super Game Boy 2 on a SNES system

Those pledging at the ‘exclusive level’ will also receive this awesome ‘business game boy’ holder for your handheld and carts!

You can back the game on Kickstarter here:

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